An In-Depth Look at Spiderman Slots Game

Your favourite neighbourhood spider is back and swinging into the action with Spiderman online slots. If you are a Marvel comics fan, then this is a must play.  Writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko created Spiderman’s character.  The creators envisioned an orphan who is raised by his aunt May and Uncle Ben. After attending a school fieldtrip he is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider that gives him superhuman abilities.

The online slots game is based upon the comics and the movies so the graphics are immersive with a true undertone to the classic age of silver comics.  Powered by Cryptologic this game is a great tribute to the comic books that made this superhero so popular.

Spiderman slots features five bonus rounds, a 10 000 fixed top jackpot and a Marvel multi-level progressive slot jackpot. This is playability that will last as long as Marvel comics itself.


Spiderman Reel Symbols

Staying true to the theme, Spiderman offers a host of reel symbols. You can expect to see the crime fighting web slinger himself as well as Mary Jane and the Green Goblin. The city skyline, Peter Parker’s camera and a collection of comic books also make an appearance.  Spiderman online slots are packed with action, a unique blockbuster experience offering wild and scatter symbols, free spins and bonus rounds, jackpot and perhaps most notably the progressive jackpots level.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is Spiderman and can be found on the second and fourth reels.   Although the wild symbol is limited, the game play is forgiving and allows for many winning combinations. The wild symbol also has the ability to be somewhat of a joker, which can substitute any symbol, allowing for a winning combination.  If you really strike it lucky and spin two wilds on the reel at the same time you are redirected to the Spider web bonus round.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is the Spiderman logo. This is arguably one of the best symbols to stumble upon as it gives you the chance to multiply the amount of money that is going to be bet.  Three or more scatter symbols will see you being redirected to the Spiderman bonus round where free spins and amazing prizes are up for grabs.

Bonus Game

Hitting three or more scatter symbols triggers the bonus game. This will give you the opportunity to play on the free spins or the Venom feature.  In the Venom feature you need to hunt Venom down and save Mary Jane from her distress. If you manage to complete this successfully the game rewards you handsomely.


The top fixed jackpot of 10 000 can only be won by striking five wild symbols on a single play line. However, the attention grabbing and very lucrative multi level progressive jackpots are what make Spiderman online slots so appealing. This jackpot randomly triggers the power, the super power, the extra power or the ultimate power in which every one of these will add great benefits to your roll. This feature alone will be responsible for the endless playability the title has.