Superman Last Son of Krypton slot

Superman Last Son of Krypton Slot Online

Superman has always been one of the more exceptional superheroes. With the ability to fly, dodge bullets, shoot lasers from his eyes and just generally being indestructible, Superman has left a mark on most comic book readers and movie watchers. So when Cryptologic gaming put this comic book icon into a slot game there was definitely a stir amongst the gaming community. This was their Superman slot, now they’ve produced a sequel and it promises even more action. Introducing the man of steel in action with Superman Last Son of Krypton slot online.

Identifying the Visuals, Graphics and Appearance

This slot has got some decent graphics, better even then its predecessor, and follows the theme of Superman and his universe. Set in a comic book style, with the visual effects and animations more cartoonish than most. As for the specific symbols on the reels, these also all follow a theme and coalesce quite well with their different winnings, functions and prizes. These include, several versions of Superman and Clark Kent, Lois Lane, the daily planet, kryptonite and more. Instead of playing cards to denote the smaller win symbols this slot uses themed symbols depicting parts of the daily planet express newspaper. These symbols all appear well designed and developed.

Superman Last Son of Krypton slot is a 25 fixed pay line, 5 reel slot game. As far as the betting option go alongside this fundamental structure, players will find they’re able to change the credit size and the number of credits, but with a fixed set of pay lines this isn’t as diverse as it perhaps could be. There is also an autoplay function that allows the game to spin autonomously for a certain amount of times or until a set requirement.


Bonus Symbols in this Superman Themed Slot

The first of these bonuses symbols is the Superman logo symbol and is the Wild symbol in this slot game. Therefore this symbol can switch for other symbols in the game except for other bonus symbols to complete sequences.

Superman Last Son of Krypton slot however also incorporates an additional morphing Wild into the game in the form of Clark Kent’s close up and if 3 or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels then they turn into Wild symbols and create more wins.

There are several different combination bonus features in this slot too, that must be hit in conjunction with another one to trigger.

The Bonus Features

There are two main bonus features in Superman Last Son of Krypton slot. First up is a feature titled Lois Lane Wild Hearts and is brought about by hitting a combination of the Lois Lane symbol and the Superman symbol. Land the latter on reel 1 and the former on reel 5 to trigger this pick’em bonus game. This brings up a screen with 5 Lois Lane cards; players then pick one to reveal a random selection of free spins, additional Wilds and multipliers. The free spins then trigger, with the Wilds appearing on the reels during these spins and the multipliers taking effect on the winnings. This and other bonuses can be triggered during these spins.

The last bonus game for this slot is the Lex Luther Frozen Wilds bonus, which requires players to hit Superman on reel 1 and Lex Luther on reel 5. Much like the last bonus game this allows players to pick from 5 Clark Kent cards to reveal free spins and multipliers. During these free spins Superman will intermittently freeze some reels in place as Wilds, after the next spin Lex Luther will defrost them.