What are Futures Bets?

What are Futures Bets?

In Australia, online sports betting can be fun and rewarding at the same time. Sports betting gives punters the ability to place bets on their favourite sports, increasing the excitement of the game and offering an opportunity to win big. But for those just starting out, understanding the different terms can be quite difficult. One term that confuses a lot of punters is futures bets. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at what it means to place a futures bet and how it differs from standard fixed odds betting on every day matches or events.Read More

Simple Greyhound Betting Strategy

Simple Greyhound Betting Strategy

One of the oldest sports betting traditions is greyhound betting, it offers similar betting action to horse racing with the available list of wager options pretty much remaining the same.

Greyhound Betting Strategy is pretty much a requirement if you wish to successfully bet online. Without good betting strategy when placing your wagers, you may not fare as well as you could when the hounds take to the track.Read More

Top 5 Sports Betting Strategy Tips

Top 5 Sports Betting Strategy Tips

Creating a sports betting strategy is not as complicated as it might sound, and if you follow our top 5 tips, you’ll be betting like a pro in no time. These tip are designed to make you a better bettor, help you place solid bets and to win big more often!Read More

Futures Betting Online

Futures Betting Online

Sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling in Australia today. The practice of wagering has become much more accessible to the masses, and the options of how, when and where you place your bets have become considerably varied. For example, with internet connections becoming safer, speedier and more reliable, Australians, and many other countries around the world, have access to an increasing number of online betting sites, which allows punters to bet on their chosen sports from the comfort of their own home, or even on the move through the use of modern mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.Read More

Australia’s One Eyed Horse Racing Star

Australia’s One Eyed Horse Racing Star

Gary Moore went to the Magic Millions sale not knowing quite what he was looking for. He never expected that it would be a one eyed colt, however. The one eyed son of All Too Hard went for $150 000, and was bought along with two other youngsters by Moore. He has proven his worth however, and can almost already pay back that investment. All Too Huiying has received an invitation to the two year old handicap at Sydney for 2 million dollars which is a prominent event on mobile betting sites calendars.Read More

Australia’s most popular betting markets

Australia’s Most Popular Betting Markets

The world has many different sports that are more popular in certain places than in others. Australia is one of the world’s most sports driven countries with a variety of sports that are quite popular. Australians like to bet too and they have plenty of sports betting markets to bet on.

Some sports are far more popular in Australia than others but out of those that are firm favourites, there are plenty of betting opportunities. Each sport has a huge selection of different types of bets to make it even more entertaining and enticing. Odds and pay outs vary but practically all of them have a selection of value bets that have huge winning potential.Read More

rugby bets

Rugby Bets

Ask any young boy from New Zealand what he wants to be when he is all grown up, and the answer is bound to be: an All Black.  The All Blacks own the game of rugby in New Zealand, and are seen as the custodians of something sacred.  Long in the making, a typical All Black player will start showing signs of sporting promise already at club level.  After that its onwards to playing at provincial level, with the final stepping stone being either super rugby or 7’s rugby.

Rugby enjoys a long and rich tradition in New Zealand, and rugby bets are popular among Kiwi punters.  The secret to placing successful rugby bets is a combination of things, rather than one specific field of mastery.Read More

political betting

Political Betting in New Zealand

A scene that is considered to be one of the most turbulent and unpredictable, politics involves a lot of swinging in a very short amount of time with regards to public opinion, with one offhanded statement holding the ability to change the minds of individuals that once supported them with great enthusiasm.

As such, political betting has become fairly popular among citizens living in a country going through elections, and people from all over the world in some cases, offering some unpredictable and exciting gambling. There are some well-established, international online betting facilities that have opened their virtual doors to political betting, with options that vary from who the next political leader will be to when they’re likely to fall from grace.Read More


Running and Cycling with Cyclo-Cross Online Betting

The bicycle was an ingenious invention and has allowed for many people around the world to move around quite a bit faster using their own propulsion. Of course with anything that goes fast there will be races of it and the same is with the craft of cycling. This sport holds a number of different and wholly unique events including that of Cyclo-Cross. This unique variation of bike racing has grown quite popular and this means that for the punters there is a whole new and rather exciting betting options to take note of.Read More


Top Events for Australian Online Cricket Betting

Australian sport fans and punters go gaga for cricket. Domestic and international fixtures are guaranteed to spark conversations, stir up emotions, and provide intense opportunities for betting online.

More than a million players play formally every year, which means there is always a match on the go. However, most punters don’t find it practical or affordable to bet on every game.

Some prefer to focus on certain domestic and international events that are known for turning up the heat, both in terms of truly exciting sporting prowess, and betting that could lead to spectacular payouts.Read More