What are Futures Bets?

What are Futures Bets?

In Australia, online sports betting can be fun and rewarding at the same time. Sports betting gives punters the ability to place bets on their favourite sports, increasing the excitement of the game and offering an opportunity to win big. But for those just starting out, understanding the different terms can be quite difficult. One term that confuses a lot of punters is futures bets. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at what it means to place a futures bet and how it differs from standard fixed odds betting on every day matches or events.Read More

Futures Betting Online

Futures Betting Online

Sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling in Australia today. The practice of wagering has become much more accessible to the masses, and the options of how, when and where you place your bets have become considerably varied. For example, with internet connections becoming safer, speedier and more reliable, Australians, and many other countries around the world, have access to an increasing number of online betting sites, which allows punters to bet on their chosen sports from the comfort of their own home, or even on the move through the use of modern mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.Read More

Australia’s One Eyed Horse Racing Star

Australia’s One Eyed Horse Racing Star

Gary Moore went to the Magic Millions sale not knowing quite what he was looking for. He never expected that it would be a one eyed colt, however. The one eyed son of All Too Hard went for $150 000, and was bought along with two other youngsters by Moore. He has proven his worth however, and can almost already pay back that investment. All Too Huiying has received an invitation to the two year old handicap at Sydney for 2 million dollars which is a prominent event on mobile betting sites calendars.Read More

Australia’s most popular betting markets

Australia’s Most Popular Betting Markets

The world has many different sports that are more popular in certain places than in others. Australia is one of the world’s most sports driven countries with a variety of sports that are quite popular. Australians like to bet too and they have plenty of sports betting markets to bet on.

Some sports are far more popular in Australia than others but out of those that are firm favourites, there are plenty of betting opportunities. Each sport has a huge selection of different types of bets to make it even more entertaining and enticing. Odds and pay outs vary but practically all of them have a selection of value bets that have huge winning potential.Read More


Running and Cycling with Cyclo-Cross Online Betting

The bicycle was an ingenious invention and has allowed for many people around the world to move around quite a bit faster using their own propulsion. Of course with anything that goes fast there will be races of it and the same is with the craft of cycling. This sport holds a number of different and wholly unique events including that of Cyclo-Cross. This unique variation of bike racing has grown quite popular and this means that for the punters there is a whole new and rather exciting betting options to take note of.Read More


Top Events for Australian Online Cricket Betting

Australian sport fans and punters go gaga for cricket. Domestic and international fixtures are guaranteed to spark conversations, stir up emotions, and provide intense opportunities for betting online.

More than a million players play formally every year, which means there is always a match on the go. However, most punters don’t find it practical or affordable to bet on every game.

Some prefer to focus on certain domestic and international events that are known for turning up the heat, both in terms of truly exciting sporting prowess, and betting that could lead to spectacular payouts.Read More


All the Athletics Betting Action Online

Athletics is probably second only to soccer, AKA football, as the most widely followed sports category around the world. Most Athletics disciplines require even less equipment than football, so poverty is not the global barrier it is in many other sports; think of the great runners, high-jump and long-jump stars who have come from some of Africa’s poorest countries.

While millions participate in various forms of Athletics all over the globe, billions more follow them as spectators. The Summer Olympics are a regular showcase, as are annual world and regional championships in all sorts of disciplines. Such widespread support worldwide also makes Athletics a popular option at online betting sites, and punters have many to choose from.

Why Sports Betting Online Makes Sense

Mobile and online sports betting sites can be accessed whenever a punter has an Internet connection and a device to connect with. Athletics fans no longer have to organise a trip to the local land-based betting shop just to put a punt on an event, presuming they live somewhere with access to betting shops in the first place. They choose when they want to bet, how often, and on how many events, and they can place wagers instantly.

Many top sites now include live streaming on their pages, so punters can watch the Athletics events they are betting on. They can also place new bets according to the action as it unfolds, so online sports betting makes watching much more interactive.

Finding the Right Site for Each Punter

The choice of the best site at which to bet on Athletics is complicated by the different rules about online betting that exist all over the world. A punter’s first priority should be finding a site that they have legal access to, and it is also better to pick one licensed in a jurisdiction known for its strict regulation and monitoring of online gambling operations.

Most of the familiar land-based brand names in sports betting have a strong online presence now too. They bring with them reputations for regulatory compliance and satisfying customer service built over many years, so they are an obvious choice for many newcomers to Athletics betting. Currency, language and banking options may also be important factors when choosing a site, and punters must always check that the security encryption to protect their accounts is adequate.

Extra Betting Made Possible by Bonuses

All of the most reputable betting sites available to Athletics fans online offer regular bonuses to attract and retain loyal players. These can be regular offers that can be used on all wagers, or special extras that are linked to specific sporting events, including some Athletics tournaments. In both cases, the punter gets to place bets at the betting operation’s expense, and keep any winnings that accrue while mobile betting Australia.

These are promotional incentives, so they will have terms and conditions. But as long as the punter understands the Ts and Cs correctly, free bonus bets can help them get more value and entertainment from Athletics punting, without taking on any extra risk.


An Introduction to Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse is a leading racecourse for thoroughbred horse racing in the United Kingdom. It is situated in Ascot, Berkshire, England and is in close proximity to Windsor Castle. The royal family are frequent visitors and are part of one the most notable events held here.

The racecourse opened in 1711 and is owned by Ascot Racecourse Ltd and managed by the Ascot Authority. All of the events are screened on Racing UK and there are multiple events held throughout the year.

The home of the Royal Ascot Cricket Club, which was founded in 1897, is located in the centre of the racecourse and Ascot United F.C. can be found on the far eastern side of the property.

Horse Racing Events Held at Ascot

There are 26 horse racing events in total that are held throughout the year at the racecourse. These include 18 flat meetings that are during the months of May to October. Various jump meetings are held in the winter months. Notable events include British Champions Day and the Shergar Cup.

British champions Day is the final to the British Champions Series. The event was designed to attract public appeal and is one to rival the Breeder’s Cup and Arc Weekend. The first of this event was held in 2011.

The Shergar Cup is an annual event held early August. It is named after the 1981 Epsom Derby winner, Shergar, and had been sponsored by the horse’s owner Aga Khan until Dubai Duty Free took over sponsorship.

In June the major event is the Royal Meeting which features 18 races over the week including Gold Cup, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, Duke of Cambridge Stakes and the Commonwealth Cup. This is the best attended horse racing event in Europe as more than 300 000 people attend annually.

It is in July, however the racecourse holds its most prestigious event which is the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Brief History of Ascot Racecourse

In 1711 Queen Anne founded Ascot Racecourse. The first ever race held at the racecourse was Her Majesty’s Plate. There was win of 100 guineas and three separate heats of four miles were raced by seven horses weighing 12 stones or 76 kilograms each and a favourite for horse racing betting.

Later in 1813 an Act was passed by Parliament which decreed the racecourse would remain public. In 1839 a grandstand was built.

Parliament went on to pass another Act in 1913 which established the Ascot Authority as management for the racecourse.

From 1711 to 1945 the only racing event held at the racecourse was the Royal Meeting but from that date on further events were added to the racecourse.

Ascot Racecourse in Popular Culture

Ascot Racecourse is well-known around the world as it has been featured in many films and is the subject of the song called Ascot Gavotte.

There is a scene from the My Fair Lady musical that is set at the racecourse. The racecourse was also a filming location in 1985 for the James Bond film A View to a Kill and again later in 2012 for another James Bond film Skyfall.

Aztec Slots slot

Aztec Slots Slot Review

Aztec Slots slot is a five reel, three row and just nine payline title developed by Games OS.

Themed around the Aztec people who inhabited central Mexico from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries, Aztec Slots slot offers players features including a wild symbol, a scatter symbol that triggers a free spins round and a bonus symbol that triggers a bonus game which can reward players with potential big winnings.


Players will be delighted to know that Aztec Slots slot is customizable. Players are able to adjust the wager amount, thus allowing for complete control over every spin.

Games OS has incorporated nifty buttons below the information box. The buttons clearly labelled Bet One and Bet Max allow players to make quick adjustments to wagered amounts. The Bet Max button allows players to stake the maximum wager the slot offers with one click of a button.

If players have customized their wager amount and would like to return to the default amount, players can click on the Bet One button, resetting the interface to the default-wagering amount.

Aztec Slots Reel Symbols

Enchanting the reels, Aztec Slots slot reel symbols are themed around the Aztec people and their cultural artefacts. Players can expect to see symbols including but not limited to traditional ceramic vases, various plates decorated with unique mask graphics, a traditional embroidered material scarf, bold Aztec statues, ceramic pots and an ancient coin pendant.

Aztec Slots Wild Symbol

The stone statue complete with glistening green eyes, clearly displaying the word Wild in a brilliant green, represents the wild symbol in Aztec Slots slot. The stone statue wild symbol will act as any typical wild within a video slot, substituting for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter and bonus symbol, allowing for additional winning combinations to be made.

Scatter Symbol And Feature

The tribal Chief symbol, complete with traditional headgear, clearly displaying the word Scatter in a subtly bright green represents the scatter symbol in Aztec Slots slot. Players should keep a keen eye out on the reels for this symbol, as it will trigger the free spins feature of the slot.

If players manage to land four or five tribal Chief scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, the free spins feature of the slot will be triggered.

Landing four tribal Chief scatter symbols will provide players with three free spins. If players manage to land five tribal Chief scatter symbols on the reels, a whopping thirty free spins will be awarded.

Bonus Symbol And Feature

The Aztec temple symbol, with the word Bonus clearly displayed in green, represents the bonus symbol in Aztec Slots slot.

Players should keep a keen eye out for the temple bonus symbol on the reels, as three or more temple bonus symbols on the reels will trigger The Trail Of Supreme bonus feature of the slot game.

Once The Trail Of Supreme bonus feature has been initiated, players will need to decode Aztec puzzles in a labyrinth, players will need to select from three colourful earthly elements in order to progress through the various levels, of which seven are included.

The further a player progresses within The Trail Of Supreme bonus feature, the bigger the prize awarded at the end of the bonus round.



Starting eSports Betting on the World Wide Web

Any type of ranking system is prey to the perils of subjectivity, and the ratings and reviews of comparison sites, which provide eSports information to prospective punters, are no exception to this rule. Therefore it is imperative that punters understand the various criteria that the experts in the employ of these sites make use of when deciding which bookmakers make the cut, and ensure that their deciding factors are in line with the punters in order for the eventual selection of where to wager to be a good one.

The First Factor is the Most Important: Reputation

One of the best things about betting online in general is that rogue sites are finding it increasingly difficult to continue their nefarious operations: a simple online search is often all that it takes to unearth any questionable undertakings an operator may be engaged in, and the social signals that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can provide offer further insight as to whether or not a site is, in fact, legitimate. Consumer reviews are very easily accessed online, and ensure that bookmakers offering eSports markets as well as more traditional ones have to keep all their ducks in a row as far as how they treat their punters is concerned. While comparison sites will certainly take this factor into account, it is heartening to know that punters are able to do so just as easily.

Funds Access and Overall Standards of Security

A good eSports betting sites comparison will definitely take the accessibility of funds and the security protocols of an eSports bookmaker into account, and punters would do well to do the same. Important questions that need definite answers before punters begin their eSports adventure include:

  • How easily can players request withdrawals?
  • What are the turnaround times the bookmaker has in place for cashing out?
  • What kind of feedback have actual players provided regarding their experiences of these processes on social media platforms?
  • Is a suitable array of options provided for players to make a selection from when it comes to both depositing and withdrawing their money?
  • What is the bookmaker’s policy regarding the money provided by players? Are they held in a separate, secure account?

The answers to these questions should play a large part in terms of the analysis of an eSports bookmaker, and both punters and comparison sites should by no means fail to address them.

The Variety of eSports Markets Available

Once a punter has established that he or she feels comfortable with providing the bookmaker in question with his or her personal and financial data, the next step is discovering whether or not the markets provided are of suitable range and variety.

Quantity does not trump quality in this case, but comparison sites will, and players should, pay attention to bookmakers who strive to address both these needs. Broad product coverage needs to be offered right alongside those of high quality, especially in light of the fact that eSports fans do not limit their interest to just one title generally and will need access to a number of these for satisfactory betting to be achieved.