Captain America slot

Captain America Slot Overview

Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, was born of a Second World War programme to create a super soldier, to defeat the evil forces of Hydra, and their leader, the Red Skull. Marvel Entertainment has recently done a fantastic job in bringing this character to the silver screen, and his iconic outfit and shield are once again riding a wave of popularity. Cryptologic holds the licence for the Marvel pantheon, and this slot is based on the art work and symbols of the recent movies, and features Cap’, Bucky, and the Red Skull, amongst others.

Symbols and Wilds

Lower valued symbols include Captain America’s helmet, boots and shield, and the Super Soldier dossier and serum that created him. Rising in value, we find a Hydra soldier, the Statue of Liberty, Old Glory, Sergeant Bucky Barnes, and the Red Skull. Cap himself appears, shield in hand, as the Wild symbol, while the Captain America symbol, with the heraldic eagle background, functions as the Scatter symbol, and triggers free games. The art work is crisp and features a classic graphic novel style, more redolent of the pre-cinematic era of the characters, and the animations are smooth and stylish, especially the 3D effect of Captain America’s shield being flung from the Wild symbol.


The background is very patriotic, with silhouettes of bombers and waving flags against a dawn sky, and will appeal to any fans of Captain America, and what he represents.

Jackpots and Bonuses

With only 25 pay lines, Captain America is less busy than other slots, but the Wilds and Scatters appear at fairly regular intervals: like other Cryptologic titles, this one includes a Progressive Jackpot. At maximum bet, the potential payout is 12 500 coins, but any one of the three levels of jackpot can be awarded randomly at the end of any spin. In addition to this, the Scatter symbols can trigger a bonus round, where you play as Captain America, and shoot down enemy airplanes, each awarding a number of free spins. Hit the plane carrying the Red Skull himself, and you’ll receive 15 bonus spins, during which all prizes carry double value.

Like other Cryptologic Marvel titles, Captain America is also part of the Marvel Jackpot payout, meaning that you can be awarded the ultimate prize by playing any one of the slots in the genre, at any point of play.

Team Up with Cryptologic and Captain America

Because of licensing wrangles between Marvel and Disney, the new owners of the franchise, this rendition of Captain America is unlikely to be updated, but that is not a problem, given that it captures rather successfully the original spirit of the character, and features great game play and payouts already. There is another slot available online, based more closely on the Chris Evans embodiment of Cap’, but this falls slightly short of the amazing opportunities for graphics and sound effects that the films would offer .For fans of the genre, this is a great slot, and does justice to a classic superhero character, but this slot can also appeal to non-fans as well, given the quality of its game play, graphics, and potential payouts. Do your part, and join the Captain’s side!