Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian Slots game Overview

First created in the 1930’s in sensationalist fiction, the legend of Conan the Barbarian has been brought to the small screen and the silver screen many times over, in various guises and with various degrees of success. To most fans, however, only one actor will remain the true Conan, forever battling Serpent worshippers and slaying lesser (which is to say all other) warriors: the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his nemesis played by James Earl Jones. Cryptologic’s slot offering pays homage to this 1970’s rendition of the character, with its rough hewn background, arrow strewn surround, and gore splattered reels.

Symbols and Totems

The usual playing card symbols appear as those of lower value in this 5 reel, 3 slot game, albeit in stylised fashion and on a bloodstained background. Moving up in value, we find the barbarian’s helmet, followed by a tentacled monster and a scantily clad barbarian woman, without which neither the original literature nor the film would have been the same. Highest of all in value is the sinister Wizard, 5 of which will net a 750x payout. An animated image of Conan, wielding his sword, functions as the Wild symbol and can substitute for all except the Scatter, as well as activating a jackpot of its own: five Wilds will net the Crazy Jackpot, a Progressive win across the 9 possible paylines. There is also the option of playing for free, if you are simply looking to enjoy the game, or an Autoplay feature, for busy players or those running several slots simultaneously.


Bonus Features

The Scatter symbol is that of the logo of Conan the Barbarian: only two of these are needed to activate the multiplier, although the ultimate Scatter payout is 100x the triggering bet, which could represent a healthy haul of plunder. Three or more Scatters will activate the Cave of Skulls Bonus Feature: here you will wield Conan’s mighty sword and smash the skulls that you find (and who doesn’t enjoy that, now and again?), each of which will reveal a reward in the form of free spins, payouts or multipliers. Beware, however, since one of the skulls contains a trap, which will defeat Conan, and bring an end to the Bonus round.

Enduring Online Slots Appeal

Many reviews of this game mention the fact that it does look and sound like Cryptologic’s older variety of game; most, however, go on to state that this is entirely a good thing, and ensures that this is still one of the most popular of online slot games. Like the movie version, it seems Conan does best with a slightly rough exterior, although the game play is still of a good quality.

With good payouts, a clear and easy to follow layout, and a character that has stood the test of time and endeared himself despite his brutish ways, Conan the Barbarian really does offer a great opportunity for adventure to the discerning slot player and is another of Cryptologic’s Marvel licensed games.