Cubis slot

Cryptologic’s Cubis Slot Casino Game

If the name “Cubis” sounds familiar, it may be because you played it on an arcade machine sometime in the 80s or 90s. Cubis started out as a casual game of skill and strategy and has now been morphed into something that slots lovers can play for real money.

And Cryptologic hasn’t simply borrowed the original theme for its Cubis slot; it has created a dynamic slot that does away with traditional reels and incorporates special symbols taken straight out of the arcade game.

What’s the Damage?

Before we get into the details of the Cubis slot theme and game play, let’s get the betting limits out of the way. The Cubis slot has 15, for lack of a better word, paylines and these are adjustable so players may wager on as little as one line in a spin.

The minimum wager in the Cubis slot stands at just 0.05 credits per spin, whilst the max bet – which makes players eligible for the 10 000 credit top prize – is 300.00 credits for spin.


The Cubis Slot Theme

The Cubis slot is pretty much identical to its arcade predecessor. So, instead of standard reels and paylines, the Cubis slot features a 5×5 grid at the base what appears to be the inside of a large cube. The 3D Cubis slot graphics create the impression that two of the cubes walls have been collapsed in order for the inside to become visible.

The Cubis slot features the same music and soundtrack used in the original arcade game, which progresses through numerous levels as players successfully beat the cube. The objective of the Cubis slot is to land between four and 10 cubes of the same colour in either a line or a cluster and there are seven different colours.

To the left and right of the Cubis slot cube as well as below it, are various buttons for players to customise their game or get more information. This includes auto-play, game speed, paytable, line, bet, background-lock, win patterns, bet max, and play buttons. Cubis slot players can even see how they size up against other players by viewing the Cubis slot log.

Cubis Slot Symbol Payouts

As mentioned, the Cubis slot does not have traditional symbols and paylines – the objective is to match cubes of the same colour in an active line or cluster. Each colour has a different value and payouts occur as follows, depending on the number of matching cubes in a combination.

Cubis Slot Special Bomb Symbols

Like the original arcade game, the Cubis slot features numerous special symbols in place of the standard cubes. These take the form of three different bombs, which function similarly to collapsing reels in traditional slots:

  • The Cubis slot Line Bomb

Each of these bombs shoots four fireballs at one wall of the large cube and these destroy four small cubes, which are then replaced by new ones to potentially create winning combinations.

  • The Cubis slot Square Bomb

These Cubis slot bombs obliterate all 25 cubes against a single wall. These symbols are, again, replaced to make room for new ones.

  • The Cubis slot Nuclear Bomb

This massive Cubis slot bomb destroys all 75 symbols in the cube to make room for an entirely new set of symbols.

The Cubis Slot Wild Dice Bonus

The Cubis slot wild dice bonus is triggered at random and can award up to 10 000 credits by multiplying all prizes by the number displayed on the virtual dice.