Fantastic Four

The Fantatsic Four Take to the Reels

Cryptologic has once again teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to bring you this themed slot, based on the popular graphic novel and less-popular film franchise of the Fantastic Four. As fans will know, this super team consists of Mr Fantastic (possible hubris?), scientist Reed Richards, with his stretching powers, his wife Susan, aka The Invisible Woman, her brother Johnny, aka The Human Torch (as in “fire”, not “flashlight”), and their friend Ben Grimm, an indestructible orange beast called simply The Thing.  Together they battle Dr Victor Von Doom, himself a disfigured scientist who has also harnessed the power of magic. Epic Stuff!

Boasting three progressive jackpots, Fantastic Four is also part of the Marvel pantheon, which means the Marvel Jackpot can be randomly awarded at any point across one of their titles.


The game symbols are all themed, consisting of the Baxter Building, DNA strands (mutated, naturally), the Fantasticar, and Unstable Molecules. What sets Fantastic Four apart is that each of the 5 major characters, including Dr Doom, appears as a Wild, each one being assigned to one of the reels. Getting all of these simultaneously will win the top game jackpot, as opposed to the Hero and Superhero jackpots, which can be randomly assigned at any point.



The Fantastic 4 logo functions as the Scatter symbol, and 3 or more of these appearing will trigger the bonus round of free spins, as well as being a multiplier of up to 100x, depending on the number. A feature of this slot is that once the bonus spins are awarded, you are able to choose one of five options, each assigned to a character. Mr Fantastic awards 15 free spins and a 2x multiplier, as well as making all the symbols on reel 1 wild when he appears. The Invisible Woman gives only 10 spins, but with a 3x multiplier, and the chance of retriggering free spins.

The same goes for the Human Torch, but this option adds more Wilds across all the reels: the Thing awards 15 free spins, but with a random multiplier for each spin, ranging from 2 to 10x.

Finally, Dr Doom is a true gamble: you are awarded free spins, with a 3x multiplier, until he appears on the 5th reel, which could be immediately, or after 50 spins, depending on your luck.

Fantastic Fun

With 25 paylines and a potential maximum payout of 25 000$, this slot will appeal to high rollers as well as fans of the original comic; although the Marvel jackpots are randomly assigned, betting the maximum will increase the chances of them appearing. The animations and the variety of characters are definite selling points as well, meaning that Fantastic Four will provide more long lasting entertainment than similar slots, and satisfy punters regardless of their criteria for a successful game session. As one of the most enduring and successful superteams, Fantastic 4 has really crossed over to the game world with aplomb, and stretched their popularity even further.