Fortunes of the Amazons slot

Fortunes Of The Amazons Slot Overview

The Fortunes of the Amazons slot machine game, developed by Cryptologic, is an online pokies game, featuring a theme based around beautiful female warriors. It features a five reel, twenty line playing system, and can be played for free or real money. There are a number of bonus and special feature icons, which, when landed, will trigger major bonus payouts.

The theme of this game is bright and colourful, using professionally drawn icons, plus animations that occur in the event of special bonuses. The game can be played on both mobile device and home computer. In order to play on a mobile device, simply download the application and play by tapping the icon. In order to play on home computer, you may simply open the game in an internet browser without any downloads being made. More information about this is available from the website where you intend to play the game.

Professionally Drawn Icons

The Fortunes Of the Amazons slot machine game has gone through great lengths to use appealing icon tiles, many of which are beautiful women. Other icons used include a bow and arrow, golden amulet, and Amazonian warrior riding a horse.

These icons must be matched with themselves, form left to right, in order to trigger a winning payout. The more matching icons create a sequence, the greater the payout. Remember that there are twenty lines on which to win, and a win need not be on the centre row in order to count. This game requires that the player bet on all twenty lines all the time.


Bonus And Special Feature Icons

The Fortunes of the Amazons slot machine game has a number of bonus icons. The first is the flaming wild icon, which can be identified easily by its prominent image. This icon may match with any other standard icon, as a substitute, and create a winning sequence. You may, for example, get two bow and arrow icons, and a wild icon, in order to create a match of the bow and arrow icons.

The second bonus icon is the free spins icon, which is recognisable by the image of the Amazonian warrior on a horse. If landing this icon in sequence, it will animate, and free spins will be granted. These free spins will play out automatically. The last bonus icon is the written word Fortunes of the Amazons, and if landing will take the player to a second screen. On this screen, the player is able to spin a bonus will, which may grant free spins or huge bonus payouts. Please note that the wild icon may not match with the Fortunes of the Amazons icon.

More Information

If you would like more information about the Fortunes of the Amazons slot machine game, you may click the info button located at the bottom of the screen. This will display all possible winning matches. You may also contact the customer support centre of the website on which you are playing. Remember that all malfunctions, or any loss of connection with the game server, will void the current spin and reverse all payments and winnings.