Legend of the White Buffalo slot

All About Legend Of The White Buffalo Slot Game

Play the Legend of the White Buffalo slot machine game, created by Cryptologic, now on your mobile phone, home computer, laptop or tablet. It is a traditional casino slot game, requiring the player to make an opening wager, and then spin the reels. Payouts are made when icons form a matching sequence, from left to right, or top to bottom. This game uses a five reel system. There are also special bonus icon, when matching, that payout bonuses and special jackpots.

Icons And Symbols Used

The Legend of the White Buffalo slot machine game is based around a Native American theme, and has professionally drawn icons to fit with this theme. Some of the icons used include a white buffalo, a Native American woman, a dream catcher, a tomahawk, and more. These picture icons are played alongside the traditional one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of traditional slot machines. In order for a payout to be made, the icons must match with themselves. Depending on which icon makes up the winning sequence, the payout will be greater or smaller.

Special Bonus Icons

The dream catcher is a bonus icon, and will animate when it has been triggered. If matched at least three times it will grant eight free spins. These free spins will play out automatically, and may gather even more free spins if further dream catchers are matched. There is also a wild icon easily identifiable by the word wild. This icon may match with any other icon to create a winning sequence. You may get, for example, two tomahawks and two wild icons, which will create a winning match of four tomahawks. For more detailed information about the possible winning matches, simply click the pay button located at the bottom of the screen.


User Interface

The user interface of the Legend of the White Buffalo slot machine game is designed to be extremely user friendly. It may also be used on a device with a touch screen with no problem. At the bottom is a balance window, which shows the current amount in the users account. There are also two windows in which you may change the current bet by tapping the up and down arrows. The auto spin button, housed at the bottom right of the screen, will allow multiple spins to be played out automatically. The number of spins may be adjusted by the arrow, and auto spins triggered by tapping the button. The spins will stop automatically if a major payout is achieved.

Play For Free Or For Real Money

You can play this game for free, as long as you want, or for real money. In order to play for free, simply download the game on your phone, or open it via your favourite web browser. Free virtual currency will be granted, and may be used as you prefer. This currency will not be carried over to other games. To play for real, simply make an account, and ensure that you have funds available. Funds may be added easily simply by making a deposit, or linking your bank account.