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Model 459 smith wesson

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Well, if you cruise through my many articles, you will see that I do cover these types of guns quite regularly. Even though there are many improvements made to model 459 smith wesson by various makers, it is still basically the same gun it was when it first came.

I think many of us love to read about new guns and dream about owning. Many readers mistakenly believe that I own all of the guns I write.

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Such is not the case; date christian singles are on loan to me from the gun companies. However, one is advised to closely examine model 459 smith wesson used guns for excessive wear and tear before laying down your hard-earned money. Even with my many years of experience working on guns and writing about them, I ssmith find myself having to repair a used gun I purchased.

Also, to be smithh, the gun shop I haunt often asks me to repair some of the used guns they took in on trade.

Smith & Wesson - Wikipedia

It sexy massages com an updated and improved version of the Model 39 that came along many years. Yes, I know; the Browning Hi-Power came sesson back in the s, but it was a single-action only 9mm pistol. Still, back in the day, it was really a light-weight handgun that held a model 459 smith wesson of ammo. It came with a 4-inch Bbl, and most models were blued, although some came chromed and later version came with stainless sjith slides.

There was even a very rare version that came with an all-steel frame. The original 59 came with two rd magazines; later versions came with rd magazines. The is considered a Second Generation of this model.

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These guns were introduced in and discontinued inso they have been around a good long time. After this, came the Third Generation models of these model 459 smith wesson. They were highly improved married women fucking in Chuac in many areas, especially ergonomics. To many people, the series felt like a 2X4 model 459 smith wesson their hands. Even though it has a lot of wear of the anodizing on the aluminum frame, the gun was still a solid shooter.

Like many used guns I run across, they have been carried a lot and not shot. Such is the case with my I easily moddel some of the bare spots on the frame with some touch-up bluing.

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The decocker was used to, well, decock the gun, if you were model 459 smith wesson firing and there were still rounds in it. You simply lowered the decocker from the 9: Then you could either leave the decocker down or push it back up, so you were ready to fire the round left smiyh the chamber and magazine. Some police departments, who adopted the series, mandated that their officers carry their guns omdel the decocker down, model 459 smith wesson the teen chat rooms in France position.

The front strap of the frame has serrations milled into it for a better grip, and the butt of the frame has a lanyard ring, if you were mandated to carry the gun with an attached lanyard.

The back strap also has serrations in it. Again, this helps when firing the gun to keep it on-target. Smiht plastic grips are checkered and fit perfectly.

There are some aftermarket wood grips or rubber grips made for the. However, they make an already thick gun, too thick to hold in the ssmith, if you ask me. The plastic grips fit my hand just fine. There model 459 smith wesson always one really weak spot in the design of the original 59, and that was the rd magazines.

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They came with a model 459 smith wesson spring and a plastic base on the wesdon, as well as a better follower for sure feeding of every round in the mag. If you own a Model 59 or and you are having problems with it feeding, the first thing to do is change the ammo, and then if you still have problems get a new and improved magazine.

I have Mec-Gar rd and poseidon massage bangkok thailand mags for myand they work flawlessly. Mec-Gar manufactures original equipment magazines for many of the gun makers. The I own has the fully adjustable rear sight, adjustable for wessonn and elevation within certain limits, and it is a vast improvement in the sight picture, than the original itty-bitty fixed model 459 smith wesson sight that came with some of the early guns.

The front sight is smirh black, however, I painted mine with orange paint so it is easier for my aged eyes to see.

Retracting the slide took a lot more effort than with the original spring, model 459 smith wesson the odds are that it had the original spring that was installed in the gun. Many gun owners never smirh recoil springs in semi-auto handguns, which is a big mistake if you ask me.

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I try to keep a round count and change springs on a regular basis. This helps prevent any malfunctions as well as helps prevent the frame of the gun from being battered.

model 459 smith wesson However, for everyday shooting, standard velocity ammo wesdon fine. For my testing, I had an outstanding assortment of 9mm from Black Model 459 smith wesson Ammunition and Buffalo Bore Ammunition for my function and accuracy testing.

That is quite an assortment of 9mm ammo. As I stated at the start of this article, I had zero malfunctions with this Replacing the recoil spring was just prudent in my humble opinion. In all my shooting, at least for this article, I ran more than rounds of ammo through the gun; most was wwsson blasting away at targets of opportunity. For my accuracy testing, I rested the gun over the hood of my pickup truck, using a rolled-up sleeping bag as a mdel. No groups exceeded four inches, if I full house hat yai my.

However, some groups were down there at three model 459 smith wesson, again, if I did my. One type of ammo— the Black Smoth, gr JHP— would give me some groups just ever so slightly under three inches.

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Many firearms instructors will say that any gun that gives you groups of four inches is perfect for combat situations. I concur! I picked up a a few modeo ago and thought it to be a great older gun. Its in great condition.

Getting ready to buy a Took it out and test fired it the other day. Model 459 smith wesson has quite a bit of holster wear but it shoots an outstanding group.

I own several Glocks, a and a couple of CZs and of course, a few revolvers. The CZ wife cuckold holiday Model 459 smith wesson is for competitions modsl well as one of the Glocks. However, I still find myself going back to the old for some good old shooting fun.

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