Native Treasure slot

Native Treasure Slot Machine Game

The Native Treasure slot machine game, by Cryptologic, is now available to play. It features a theme based around Native American culture, with icons and sound suited to enrich the play experience. The play system is five reels, thirty lines, and requires a player to unlock lines of play with the opening wager. The more reels bet on, the more chances of winning, but higher the opening bet required. There are multiple chances at winning bonus and special feature payouts, which can be achieved by matching specific icons in a sequence. This game can be played for free, or real money, as the player prefers. To learn more about the game, read on.

Play Icons And Sound Design.

The Native Treasure slot machine game uses a number of well drawn icons that animate upon being triggered. These include a tomahawk, peace pipe, eagle, dream catcher, Native American chief, and more.  The audio of the game is also themed, with chants and singing sounding when matches are created. Note that bigger or smaller wins have different sounds, meaning that a player may follow the events of the game without visually having to see the screen. The two special feature icons will trigger huge bonus payouts if matched.


Bonus And Special Payout Wins

In the Native Treasure slot machine game, there are two bonus icons. These are the chief, and the dream catcher. The chief icon acts as a wild card, and may be matched with any other icon to form a winning sequence. The chief may, for example, match with two aces to form a winning sequence of three aces. The dream catcher is a scatter symbol, and will, if matched with itself at least three times, trigger a bonus payout sequence. During this sequence the player is granted free spins which will payout a larger amount them normal for each win. If more dream catcher matches are made, further free spins will be added.

Designed For Mobile Device

The Native Treasure slot machine game is designed for play on a mobile device. The user interface is bold and easily seen, and operates via single touch functionality. To play this game on mobile phone, simply download the application. This can be done via the application store applicable to your phone type; Google Play Store or Apple iStore. You may also play via the browser of your home computer or laptop. In order to play via browser, please be sure that the Flash software is installed. To install Flash, simply search for it and install the file as you would with any other program.

Free Play And Real Play

This game can be played for real money, or for free, as the player prefers. If you would like to play for real money, please be sure you are logged into your account, and that funds are available. If you require more information about this, contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play. Don’t forget to keep your account log in details safe, and to logout of your account when you are done playing.