Best iPhone casino

Optimal Gaming and Casino Play with iPhone

Thanks to the growth and innovation of the Apple community, the online casinos that are available on this device have reached their pinnacles through a trying gauntlet and as such offer Apple and their devices all a remarkable experience. In no small part thanks to casino software that has been developed specifically to cater to Apples, and which generates seamless connections to servers and allows thousands of players to play and win all at the same time. This software linkage facilitates a fully safe and secure environment for New Zealand players. Additionally iPhone online casinos have dedicated support staff who monitor and protect players and their transactions.

Therefore, in assessing the capabilities and advantages of the best iPhone casinos it should be appreciated that even without the portability, the fluid access, and wealthy jackpots, online iPhone casino games would still be an impressive, and enjoyable experience. Simply because they love the game, and the players who play it right. That being said, there are many additional bonuses, including those listed above, that make Apple’s mobile the online casino platform of choice, for not just the Antipodes, but also the world over.

Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Access

Casinos have been around since people first got together to gamble and so when the internet came round, connecting people around the world, the online casino industry understandably exploded. Everyone loved the idea of easily accessible gambling, and the online casinos offered just that. But now as the information age has hit its stride, just being online is not enough, and it is here that the portability of mobile phones is most valued. An amazing casino experience all on the iPhone in your pocket. The silky smooth compatibility between the player’s Apple software and that of the better online casinos sets the gaming experience apart from the rest of pack. Now the iPhone is a powerful mobile device and as such can run high quality casino games. This means that all the players’ favourites like Poker, Black Jack and Slots, or Pokies, will be handled with complete efficiency and a smooth, refined gameplay. Also, with the ever present online competition, casino sites catering to Apple software will offer a reasonably wide game variety and some genuinely effective prizes and jackpots.

Each of these highly sought after facets make for great online and mobile casino sites, but when the lot combine to form the higher quality range of iPhone casino sites that are actually available, the best iPhone casinos, then players are in for a dream journey. Accessing the best and most lucrative casino games can now be as simple as turning on the phone, which means gambling on the go has never been easier. Plus the designers in charge of creating and supplying the online casino games are constantly striving to produce better and better games, which translates to more and more advantages for the players. On top of this the games are built and designed with Random Number Generators which offers the fairest chances and pay out the highest returns. Players will also find the likes of progressive jackpots and free plays for some games.

Card games, and casino games of sorts, have been played for centuries. Seeing the level to which the best iPhone casinos have taken gameplay is testimony to the technological developments of the past quarter of a century.

Best iPad casino

A Mobile Tech Match Made in Heaven

The best part of online casino play with the iPad comes from the device itself; almost as if it were made for the express purpose of virtual casino recreation. A mobile casino, resplendent with bonuses and jackpots, cards and wheels, is merely a few taps away. Gambling anywhere and at any time is a very hard offer to turn up.

There are a lot of online casino out there, and a whole bunch of platforms to play their games on. But, New Zealand, it is time to step into the bright future that has been carefully setup for all forms of Apple software and enjoy a gambling experience designed specifically for the players. So for those sensible iPad users eager to get gambling and winning, the best place is here, surrounded by the greatest selection of online casinos, handpicked to suit Apple users’ needs. So whatever game players want whatever jackpot sizes they seek and the perfect gaming platform to play it all on is right here, waiting to be seized whole heartedly. A complete action filled casino gaming experience is literally in the palm of your hand.

For a long while after the first online casinos surfaced on the internet, the only operating system catered for was Windows. They had the market for computer users, and the online casino community knew it. But after the IPhone, iPad and perhaps even as early as the IPod, an underdog joined the race. Today, Apple is no longer the underdog, and the astute online casino community know it. With great graphics and high quality design, the games that are produced for the Apple devices match their operating system counterparts. This relationship between game and platform has also been refined to the point of seamlessness. Therefore, players can download or play online and the games will run smoothly.

Increased Levels of Online Casino Security

Thanks to the online casino world overlooking Apple as an online casino participant for the early years of online gambling the community has built up steadily. Like any house or building with a sturdy foundation, when one gets to the pinnacle of the pyramid, the very best iPad casinos, obviously the standard is remarkably high. The mobile Apple catering casino market and community expects the very best. This breeds unique and well-designed games, highly lucrative prizes and jackpots and a safe and secure format upon which to play. The games available broadly cover the full spectrum of online casino games and so players will find all their favourite classics like; Poker, Blackjack, and Slots. Included in these games are unique variations and alternatives so players will find the ones that gel best. New Zealand casinos also offer the Apple users certain sign up and welcome bonuses just to get the ball rolling.

With the volume of play, jackpots and prizes available to be won playing one of these highly lucrative iPad online casino games, players may be inclined to wonder about safety, and more particularly what is in place to protect their winnings. Assure well players, for these online casinos are virtually completely secure. They monitor levels of online flow to assure that the online games do not crash, they offer players online support and assistance throughout their experience and they encrypt personal information and transactions, ensuring that when you win, you really win big!

Best free bets

Maximising Online Betting Power in New Zealand

The online sportsbooks that New Zealanders are lucky enough to be able to visit to are all in fierce competition with each other. In trying to tempt you to wager with them rather than their rivals, they extend several fantastic perks including superior odds, great bonuses and various free bets. These enable you to punt and win more, and there are always so many on offer that it seems almost wasteful to wager without them! To learn more about finding and using the best free bets, check out the advice below.

Keep Your Wits about You

At the end of the day free bets are intended to keep you interested and putting down more money, so bookies usually attach terms and conditions to their use. Make sure you read these thoroughly before agreeing to anything. For example, the playthrough requirements, which say how many times you need to bet before accessing your winnings, might be very steep if the payouts seem unusually generous. You should also check the markets that the free bets apply to, they are sometimes the ones that are least desirable. Stay on your toes to maximise your rewards and minimise your risks.

Different Free Online Bets

Free bets are often offered to punters signing up to a new online sportsbook, and these free wagers usually have the least strings attached. As you bet more there are many other situations that reward you with Match or Percentage Deposit Bonuses, giving you the same as what you bet or a portion of it, respectively. These funds are essentially free bets, and may be given in a variety of circumstances. You can be rewarded for introducing new members, visiting at certain times of the day, making deposits over a certain amount, or for many other reasons. Try to choose sites that offer the best free bets and bonuses for your punting style.

Using Your Free Bets

As you spend more time betting online, you’ll become more familiar with all the options available to you and will learn what works best. You’ll get to know how to use your free bets to your best advantage, but to get you going read through the proven strategies for using free bets that are described here.

Firstly, you should register with several sites at the same time, and then use your free wagers to bet on every possible result of one event. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be paid out, and you won’t have spent a cent of your own money. If you go this route, the best free bets to use are evenly matched punts and Any Which Way but Lose bets.

You can also try registering at sites that allow punters to use their Welcome Bonuses anywhere. Use this bonus and put your own money down at the same time, on two different bets. Because one bet is fee, you reduce your risk and improve your chances of profiting.

Get Out What You Put In

By using your free wagers wisely, you can take your payouts from respectable to astounding. Stay alert, do your research and register at several reputable New Zealand sports betting sites. The time you invest will be well-rewarded.

Best casino bonuses

Standing Out From the Competition by Offering Big Bonuses

There are literally hundreds of online casinos available. In a cyberspace world where search results appear in drop-down lists and it can be incredibly hard to decide which casino to even look at, never mind deciding which one to sign up for, casinos have had to find ways to promote themselves. While the initial look and feel of the site may give some indication of what it’s actually like to be playing on the site, it is very often the free spin offers or casino bonuses that make an online casino stand out from its competitors. With so many bonuses available, it becomes important to choose the best casino bonuses when deciding which casino to sign up with.

Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Simply put, bonuses are any opportunity of free play provided by the casino to the player. In general, opportunities for free play are offered to the player both before sign-up and after sign-up, though it is usually only the latter that are referred to as bonuses.

The pre-sign-up offers may be in the form of free spins or no deposit offers, where the online casino basically gives the potential player a chance to try a certain pokie machine without having to put a deposit down so that the player can get a feel for the casino. There is no chance to make any winnings with these free plays, but there is also no risk involved, as the player does not have to provide any personal or financial information. These free plays are simple opportunities the casino gives to the player to test the site before signing up.

The offers of free play given to the player after sign-up are generally referred to as the bonus offers. These, as the ones before, are free spins or no deposit bonuses offered to the player as part of casino membership. They may be given straight after sign-up as a welcome or match bonus, where a percentage of the player’s initial deposit is given back in a credit of free plays, or they may come as part of weekly, seasonal, or loyalty promotions. With these bonuses, the player is also awarded free play of pokie machines, but here there is actually a chance of winning money. They are primarily aimed at keeping the player playing and committed to the particular online casino.

What Makes a Bonus Better

In order to determine what the best casino bonuses are, there a number of things to consider.

For starters, it is worth looking at how often the casino offers bonuses to its members. Some may only offer them as seasonal promotions, while others may reward the player every week. Some may reward players if they re-load their account, refer a friend, or do particularly well on a game. The more chances there are to get bonus offers, the better for the player.

Also, it is important to consider what limitations and terms and conditions come with the bonus offers. Some casinos put restrictions on their bonus offers, allowing the free play to only be used for one type of pokie, while other casinos may offer a wider variety of games to choose from to play the bonuses. While most casinos put terms and conditions on their bonuses, some offer more stringent rollover or wager requirements, while others give more advantages to the player. These are also important to consider to make sure the bonus offers the best deal for the player.

There are so many big rewards and brilliant bonuses on offer online and finding these rewards is easy. Simply pick a reputable online casino and benefit from regular promotions and more when playing at your leisure.

Best Android casino

Enter the Exciting World of Android Casinos

Online casinos are enormously popular, and those running on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets offer wonderful benefits to their players. There are virtually hundreds of such online casinos available, and it can be enormously difficult to choose the best Android casino out there. However, there are certain key aspects to consider when making one’s decision.

Compatibility is Key

Given that Android is an open-source operating system designed to run on various smart phone or tablet devices, any application designed for Android must be compatible with both the operating system and the device used. Very often applications will, of course, be tested for the operating system before being launched, but there is no guarantee that it will function optimally on every device that operates on Android. An Android casino may look and feel a certain way on one type of device, but be slightly different on a different device, however the quality will still be superb.

Therefore, ensuring compatibility is key when choosing an Android casino. Players may be able to test compatibility before signing up to an Android casino, as most of them offer various free spins or no deposit offers, which basically allow players to make use of the casino or, most often, a particular pokie game, without any financial commitment to the online casino. The player then has the chance to play around a bit, see if everything functions optimally, and then only decide to register with the casino.

Licences, Trust, and Security

As with all online casinos, making sure that the casino in question is licensed by the relative authorities is of the utmost importance. Android casinos have to be legal, regardless of whether they’re hosted in New Zealand or elsewhere and just allow New Zealand players to access the site. Players can easily check licences, do some background research on the casino operator, and double-check that the software used is licensed and tested by the relevant authorities. All of these will help instil a sense of trust.

In addition, safety and security have to be guaranteed. Since the online casino deals with personal and financial information, the casino has to be able to guarantee the safety of this information, as well as provide a safe platform for financial transactions. Secure sites have to be provided, and the most up-to-date encryption software should be used.

Ease of Transactions

Since depositing and withdrawing money is a large part of the online casino industry, the Android casino in use has to provide safe and easy methods of doing this. An Android application may offer links to one’s bank, or it may provide for PayPal or credit card transactions. Whichever transaction method is used, players need to ensure that these are available in New Zealand, operate optimally on the Android device, and are provided free of charge or with limited costs.

The Best Android Casinos in New Zealand

Since Android casino players will have the chance to try out the casino for compatibility before sign-up, they will also have a chance to check that the casino matches their preferences. They can see if they like the games on offer, if there is enough variety, and if the levels and betting limits offered are desirable, as well as check if the bonuses provide ample opportunity for the player to win. By checking all of these, players can make sure that they will choose the best Android casino possible.


Enjoying the Thrill of Baccarat Online

Online casinos offer a range of games for players, including pokies, dice games, table games and card games. It is the card games, however, that are seen as the more serious ones, and these are the ones often depicted in the movies with high risk and anticipation. Poker, blackjack, and baccarat are some of the games available at an online casino and whilst poker and blackjack are the more commonly known ones, baccarat is as popular as the others.

Popular Baccarat Games There are three main types of baccarat that can be played. These are Punto Banco, which is also commonly referred to as American baccarat, Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat Banque. Punto Banco is the baccarat game most common in New Zealand. Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque are the more historic versions of the game, and it is often said that these versions require greater skill on behalf of the player, as more decisions need to be made. Punto Banco has more set rules, making the game a little simpler and is the most common form of baccarat played in casinos today.

The Rules of the Game

Baccarat is a card comparing game, and players hold a hand of either two or three cards. The different types of baccarat are all rather similar, and it is only in the dealing of the third card that one finds any differences between them.

The objective of the game is to hold a hand of cards with a numeric value that equals or comes closest to nine. The number cards two till nine are taken at face value, while all the face cards are valued at zero. The aces have a value of eleven. The value of all the cards in hand is summed up, and then the tens figure is omitted; this results in the hand value. It is, then, only the rightmost number of the summed values that counts as the player’s total value. While this may seem a little complicated, players don’t have to do these calculations themselves. It is the dealer or, if playing online, the software, that will present the final value.

If the player’s hand value is eight or nine, while holding only two cards, the player wins the game. If the value is zero, the player loses. The term ‘baccarat’ can literally be translated as ‘zero’, and this is what one will try to avoid while playing. If a player has a hand value that lies anywhere between zero and eight, then a third card may or may not be drawn, depending on the type of baccarat being played. If the game is Chemin de Fer or Baccarat Bangue, the drawing of the third card is up to the player.

If the game played is Punto Banco, then there is no such skill or decision-making involved. The rule of whether or not to draw a third card is pre-set. If the player holds a hand with a value between zero and five, a third card has to be drawn. If the player holds a hand with a value of six or seven, then no third card is drawn.

If the player has a hand value of eight or nine, this is seen as a win, and, if the hand value is zero, this is seen as a loss. This is termed hitting baccarat.

An exciting and fast-paced game that’s famous for being James Bond’s favourite, baccarat is becoming a favourite of many players in New Zealand.

Android casino

The Allure of the Android Operating System

Android is an operating system designed to run on various smart phone and tablet devices. It is run by the Google enterprise, and is the largest competitor to the iOS market giants. In contrast to its competitor, which is a closed-source system designed to run exclusively on Apple devices, the Android system operates on open-source software. This enables it to be run on a variety of different devices, making it the go-to operating system of choice for mobile and tablet hardware developers that are not Apple-owned.

In addition, the open-source code allows a variety of developers to tweak, develop, and access various applications, which can be installed on an Android system without having to undergo pre-approval by the parent company. This allows developments to happen at a faster rate and encourages creativity.

Online Casino Software Optimised for Android

Given this open-source software, it is quite easy, relatively speaking, for developers to come up with online casino sites. Any online casinos operating on iOS will have to go through a lengthy approval process to meet certain quality standards. An Android casino, however, can be developed and sent out in a much shorter space of time. This certainly makes Android more attractive to developers, but it also means that there might be more technical and compatibility issues.

That said, it is important to remember that not all Android casinos have to be downloaded as applications. They can be accessed through the web browser itself, allowing the player to simply log in and access the site. However, downloading an application will make access to the casino simpler, and is certainly one of the advantages of having a smart phone.

Avoiding Technical Difficulties

Android casinos might encounter technical difficulties due to two primary reasons.

Firstly, since the Android applications don’t have to be pre-approved by the parent company, it might occur that certain glitches in the software haven’t been smoothed out. Nonetheless, since online casinos are there to provide a service and are hoping to make money off the player, they will in all probability have undergone thorough testing before being released, making such technical glitches somewhat unlikely.

However, it is the nature of the Android system that might cause other technical difficulties to occur. Applications might be tested to run on the Android operating system, but because Android itself can run on various devices, there is no guarantee that the application will run perfectly on every device. An application may have a certain look or feel on one device, but might be slightly different on another device.

The compatibility of an Android casino, then, does not only have to be tested with the Android system, but also with the device in question.

Smoothing Out Errors

Most Android casinos will allow certain pre-sign-up free spin or no deposit offers. While these exist primarily to promote the casino, they also give the player the chance to test out the site or application and make sure that it is fully compatible with the Android device used. No deposit has to be made to access these free plays, giving the player a risk-free environment to try the site before deciding to sign up.

In this way, player can find the perfect casino to suit their Android device and have fun and win big on the go.