Platinum Pyramid slot

Old Egypt Fun In Platinum Pyramid

Jump into ancient Egypt with the Platinum Pyramid slot machine game, created by Cryptologic. Including bold, well animated icons, plus an interactive soundtrack and easy user interface, Platinum Pyramid is a simple, but well designed game perfect for those that prefer to avoid the unnecessary bells and whistles. The game uses a five reel, twenty line gambling system, with the chance to win big by matching bonus icons. Be sure to keep in mind that this game can be played for free, using a virtual currency system, or for real money. It may also be played on both mobile phone and laptop or desktop computer.

Ancient Egypt Icons

The Platinum Pyramid slot machine game, sticking with the theme, uses icons designed around ancient Egyptian culture. These icons include an Ankh, Eye of Ra, sarcophagus, Cleopatra, and pyramids. These icons are played alongside the traditional one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of poker. In order to win, the player must hope to create sequences of matching icons, with some icons worth more then others. For more detailed information about the most valuable sequences, click the playtable button located near the bottom of the screen. There are also possible bonus sequences that can be created, which will pay out huge amounts, and may trigger the jackpot screen.


Win Big With Bonus Matches

The Cleopatra icon, in the Platinum Pyramid slot machine game, stands as a wild card. This means that she may be matched with any other icon to form a winning sequence. For example, the sequence may include two fives, plus one Cleopatra, to form a match of three fives. Cleopatra may also match with herself up to five times, for a massive payout. The pyramid icon is a scatter icon, which means it may match with itself three or more times to trigger the bonus sequence. During this sequence, the player will be given free spins, during which all wins are worth more. This bonus sequence may be extended if more pyramids are matched, resulting in even higher winnings and a longer free spin sequence.

Easy User Interface

The user interface of the Platinum Pyramid slot game is easy, and designed to be used on a mobile phone. A glance to the bottom of the screen will reveal the balance window, which displays the current account balance, the bet window, which shows how much the current bet is, and the lines window, which show how many of the twenty lines have currently been unlocked. To raise or lower the lines bet on, use the up and down arrows. You will also see the spin button, which will trigger a single manual spin when tapped. There is also an autoplay button, however, that, when used, will result in multiple spins occurring in succession, without any input required from the player. Decide on how many spins you would like to occur, then click the autoplay button to get them started. The automatic spins will stop if a big win is achieved, or if the player taps the stop button.