Samba Nights slot

Dancing And Winning with Samba Nights Slot

The Samba Nights slot game is now available to play online. It features a five reel, fifty play line system, and is design with a samba dance theme. The player is required to place a wager, on at least one, or up to fifty lines, and then spin the reels. If the reels land with a matching sequence showing, a payout is made. Bigger payouts are given depending on which icons match, while special bonus icons can result in major payouts. The game has well drawn icons, some of which animate when matching, and a samba dance soundtrack. It can be played for free, using a virtual currency system, or for real money. If you want to play for real money, please be certain that you have an active account, and that funds are available.


Beautiful Icon Design

The icons is the Samba Nights slot game are created to represent the beautiful samba dance style, and its surrounding culture. Some of the icons include a dancing girl, a trumpet player, a fire breather, a beautiful beach, hands playing drums, and more. When matched, a line will run through the matching sequence to indicate how much is to be paid out. Note that different icons have different values, with the dancing girl being he most valuable. Icons may be matched up to five in a sequence, with more icons per matching also meaning bigger payouts. Read on to find out about the special bonus icons, which can result in jackpot payouts.

Win Big With Bonus Sequences

Win big in the Samba Nights slot machine game by matching special icons. The dancing girl is a wild icon, meaning that it can be matched with itself, for big payouts, or with any other icon as a substitute. A winning sequence may be, for example two aces and two dancing girls, to create a match of four aces. The beach is a scatter symbol, which can match to trigger a free spins sequence. During a free spin sequence, a number of free spins are granted, which will play out automatically. If any wins are made during this time, the pay will be greater then normal. If more beaches are matched, the payouts will be bigger and free spins extended. Hope to see as many beaches as possible during your play time.

Mobile Phone Or Home Computer

The Samba Nights slot game can be played on your mobile phone, using a smart phone touch screen, or on a home computer or laptop. The game has been designed with one touch functionality, meaning that a touch screen is perfect for smooth play. Simply download the game to your phone, via the application store, and start playing. If you would like to play via a home computer, open the game in a web browser and play. Note that a computer will need the Flash software installed in order to work. In order to install Flash, simply download it and install as you would any other software. More information is available via the website at which you play.