Siberia Siren slot

The Siberian Siren Slot Game Unpacked

You can play the Siberian Siren Slot machine game now, developed by Cryptologic, for free or real money, online. It is a five reel, forty pay line game, featuring a theme based around snowy Siberia and a mysterious beautiful woman. As with all pokies games, the player must place an initial wager, and spin the reels. If matches are formed, from left to right, a payout will be made, depending on which icons have been matched. The more valuable the icon, the greater the payout will be. There are also a number of special bonus icons, which, if matched, can grant free spins or a bonus payout.

Beautifully Drawn Icons

The Siberian Siren slot machine game features beautiful, professionally drawn icons, based around the SIberian theme. These include the lovely Siberian Siren herself, who also acts as a bonus icon, plus a Siberian tiger, a husky dog, a magic potion, a flower, a magic orb artefact, and more. These icons must be matched with themselves in order to get payouts. Note that in this game certain icons, when matching, will disappear, allowing for new icons to drop from the top of the screen. This allows for further potential matches.


Bonus And Special Icons

The Siberian tiger icon is a wild card, meaning that it can be matched with any other icon as a substitute, and grant payouts. You may get, for example, two flowers, plus a Siberian tiger to trigger a three flowers matching sequence. You may also get two flowers and two Siberian tigers to make a four flower payout. The cauldron icon will grant free spins if matched, that will play out automatically. More free spins may be compounded and gather if further cauldrons are matched during the free spins. Note that any wins or payouts gained during the free spins will payout more then normal, allowing for massive winnings.

Available On Mobile And Home Computer

The Siberian Siren slot machine game can be played directly on your mobile phone, or via a browser on a desktop computer. To play on your mobile phone, simply search for the game in the Google Play Store or Apple iStore, and tap to download it. Be sure that the game is compatible with your mobile device. Once installed, simply tap the games icon to start playing. If you would like to play on your desktop computer, open the game in your favourite browser. It will load automatically, without the need for a download. Take note that the Flash software is required for this game to run properly. In order to install Flash, simply search for it and install it. It installs the same as any other software, and will automatically plug into your favourite browser. Moe information about this is available form the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

Play For Free With Virtual Currency

This game can be played for free or for real money, as you prefer. In order to play for real money, please be sure that you have funds available in your account. To add more funds, simply make a deposit via the appropriate buttons.