Silver Surfer slot

Marvel Slot Machine Fun with Silver Surfer Slot

The Silver Surfer slot machine game, created by Cryptologic and based on the popular Marvel comic book character, is available now to play online. It features a theme based in the Marvel universe, as well as stunning animations, professional artwork, and an interactive soundtrack.

The game uses a five reel, nine payout lines system, with players able to unlock lines of payment by increasing the initial wager. In order to play, simply spin the reels and hope to create matching sequences when the reels stop. Special bonus icons allow for bigger winning sequences, with a scatter icon triggering a major bonus payout. This game can be played on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and computer.

Silver Surfer Slot Icons

The Silver Surfer slot machine game uses icons themed around the popular comic book universe. These icons include the Silver Surfer himself, a meteorite, Earth as seen from space, and Ultron. Different symbols have varying values, and some sequences will payout more then others. There are also bonus and special feature icons, which grant major bonus payouts. Many of the icons will animate when matched for extra entertainment value. If you would like more detailed information on the winning sequences, please tap the paytable button located near the bottom of the screen.


Huge Bonus Payouts

Bonus icons in the Silver Surfer slot game add an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings, including the wild card and scatter card. The Silver Surfer picture is the wild card, and can be matched with other icons, as a substitute for a missing icon. In this way more wins can be achieved, with longer, more valuable sequences. The player may get, for example, two Ultrons and a Silver Surfer for a three Ultron match. Or even two Ultrons and two Silver Surfers.

The written word Silver Surfer is the scatter icon, which, when matched, grants huge bonuses and payouts. The icons will animate, music will be played, and a second screen will be revealed, granting ten free spins. The free spins will play out automatically, with each match giving three times the normal value. If more scatter sequences are match, the multiplier will increase and further free spins will be granted.

Play Slots on Mobile Or Desktop

The Silver Surfer slot machine game can be played on mobile phone or on a desktop computer. The mobile phone version has been created with a smaller touch screen in mind, with all buttons activated by a single touch. Bright, clearly recognisable images add to this version, allowing the player to see exactly what is going on without squinting. To play in a desktop browser, simply open the game and it will automatically load. Keep in mind though, that this game requires the Flash software to be installed. Flash is available for free, and can be installed simply by searching for it via a favourite online search engine. It installs the same as any other program, and will automatically be plugged into you active browser.