Superman Last Son of Krypton

Superman Last Son of Krypton Slots Game from Cryptologic

Superman Last Son of Krypton is the sequel to Cryptologic’s very successful online slot game Superman. This game retains the entertaining game play of its prequel and revs up the graphic quality. Providing five reels and twenty five fixed paylines, the game has a number of features to make it interesting.

Superman Son of Krypton can be played for both real and free money, and does include an Auto Play feature, making it a great game for novice to medium players looking for something a bit more than the basic slot games. All twenty five paylines are active by default, making this not the cheapest game in the world to play.

Description and Theme

Superman Last Son of Krypton is set in a ruined cityscape, and the graphics are very good. This slot looks and feels like a video game, and really earns the title of Video Slot. All symbols and graphics look to be taken from a graphic novel, and you can see the time and detail that have been put into them.

The screen layout is not simple and takes a while to work out where everything is and what is going on. All playing information is at the bottom of the screen in cool blue slick looking buttons. At the top of the screen the game gives information on the symbols found in the reels, making game play that much simpler.


Superman Son of Krypton Symbols

The symbols in the game are of course taken from the Superman comics. The base symbols are taken from a deck of playing cards, namely Jack to Ace in this instance. These symbols have had work done to them, and are styled to look like capital letters in newspaper headlines. The rest of the symbols are characters from the comic, including Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Superman himself, some kryptonite, and Clark Kent. There are a number of bonus features linked to these symbols.

Morphing Wilds

The first bonus feature is the morphing wild, where a close up of Clark Kent will morph into wild symbols if three or more of them are found on the reels. They will then take the place of other symbols creating potential winnings. This will only happen after any other wins have been paid out however.

Lois Lane Wild Hearts

The second bonus feature in Superman Son of Krypton is features the beautiful and spirited Lois Lane.  This feature is triggered when you land Superman on reel one and Lois Lane on reel five. Five pictures of Lois will come up, inviting the player to choose one of them. This choice will reveal a number of free spins depending on the picture. When the free spins start, that number of wilds will join reels two to five, giving you extra chances of winning.

Lex Luthor Frozen Wilds

The last bonus feature on Superman Son of Krypton features Lex Luthor. Here the player must find Superman on reel one and Lex on reel five. You will now get to choose one of five Clark Kent’s to reveal a random number of free spins and multipliers. When the spins start, Superman will be on the left and Lex on the right. On each spin Superman will freeze three reels out of reels two, three four or five. On the next spin Lex will destroy those wilds.