The Avengers

The Avengers Assemble on the Reels of a Slots Game

Marvel’s avenger’s film had been turned into an online slot by Cryptologic’s. It features the characters and visuals from the billion dollar grossing film. The avenger’s online slot features 5 reels and 20 pay lines plus a huge load of bonus features tailored to each of the main heroes in the avenger’s team. You also get a huge jackpot in the form of The Avengers assemble bonus feature.

Meet The Heroes

The Avengers feature 10 symbols with which to make combinations of three. Kings queens and aces are featured at the low end of the spectrum, offering 150 coins for a maximum payout. The Hero symbol values start off with Hawkeye and his trusty bow rewarding you with 250 coins for 5 matching symbols. Nick Fury and the Scarlet Spider offer you 300 coins. From here we move onto the big boys of the avenger’s team. The Hulk is worth 400 coins, Iron Man and Thor each pay out 500 coins and Captain America awards you with a whopping 1000 coins.

The Bonus Features

The shield symbols functions as the wild in The Avengers. Not only does it offer a maximum payout of 10 000 coins for five matching symbols, but also it will pay out 50 coins for two matching symbols. Not to mention it will also serve as the game’s wild card, substituting every other symbol except the avenger’s logo. The Avengers logo is the games scatter symbol, meaning three of these symbols anywhere on screen will trigger the games unique bonus feature.


The Wall Of Heroes Bonus Feature

The Avengers unique bonus round is called the wall of heroes. Three matching avengers’ symbols on the reels will take you away to a new screen. You will be presented with a wall of twenty symbols. You will need to pick three matching symbols to trigger the next level of the wall of heroes’ bonus round. If you pick Loki, the villain of the movie, you will be taken back to the regular reels. Depending on which three hero symbols you match, you will get different rewards.

The Iron Man Bonus Feature

If you manage to pick three Iron Man symbols from the wall of heroes, you will get 9 free spins. In addition you will also get a, multiplier on your wins during the 9 free spins, starting from a 1x multiplier. Every three spins the multiplier goes up by 1

The Hulk Bonus Feature

Find three matching symbols of the Hulk in the wall of heroes’ bonus round and you will get 9 free spins. During these spins the Hulk will act as an expanded wild across reel 3. He will substitute any symbol except The Avengers scatter symbol. During this mode free games will not retrigger.

The Captain America Bonus Feature

Three Captain America symbols will give you 9 free spins. During each spin, a random bonus multiplier will trigger and reward you with a between two and five times multiplier. Again, free spins will not retrigger in this round.

The Thor Bonus Feature

If you pick three Thor symbols from the random selection 9on the wall of heroes, you will be rewarded with 9 free spins. With each spin, Thor will shoot a bolt of lightning onto the reels. His lightning will randomly distribute the cosmic cube symbol, which functions as an additional wild, substituting for any other symbol except The Avengers scatter symbol.

The Avengers Assemble Bonus Feature

Manage to get the entire avengers team on one row in any order and you will be rewarded with a 200x multiplier for your win.