Thor Online Slots Overview

Cryptologic has already brought some of the most popular slots to the web, complete with the biggest names in modern entertainment.  Now, they have teamed up with Marvel Entertainment, the licence holder of the modern character of Thor, to bring you this high end 5-reel slot, straight from the pages of the graphic novels, and more recently, the silver screen, to you. A central figure from Nordic mythology, the iconography of Thor has been brought to a whole new generation thanks to Marvel, and this slot features all the characters and symbols you’ve come to associate with the god of Thunder.

Symbols and Runes

The lowest value symbols in Thor are the runic amulet, and the silver torc: following these are the tornado and the Viking long ship, and rising in value, we find the rainbow bridge and Freya herself, in a mystical headdress. The symbols associated with Thor himself, his armbands and Mjölnir, his war hammer, carry a higher value still, after which we find the traditional villains of the piece: Laufey, king of the Frost Giants, and Loki, the Trickster, adoptive brother of Thor (as so memorably stated in The Avengers).

Highest value of all, naturally, is the portrait of Thor, here more heavily bearded than some popular depictions, but faithful to the Marvel image, with a fabulous winged helmet. This Thor is also the Substitute symbol, and can take the place of any except the Scatter, which is represented by the logo of Thor, in a brushed metal finish with the skyline of Asgard in the background: this Scatter is also a multiplier, and appearances of these trigger free games. Three or more scatters trigger 10 free games, which can be accumulated, in theory, indefinitely.


Paylines and Bets

Thor offers up to 20 pay lines on its 5 reels, and a potential maximum jackpot of 4000 coins, with a Progressive Win jackpot. The Scatters and Bonuses activate with fair regularity, and can trigger one of three different jackpots: the Hero, the Super Hero, and the Marvel Hero. Each of these is randomly awarded at any point during game play, at the end of a spin, and each figures animation and film reels, as lightning flashes across the sky and the mighty hammer of Thor slams down.

An Epic a thousand years in the Making

That might be overstating it: Thor is a worthy edition to Cryptologic’s pantheon of Marvel themed slots, but it is themed around, rather than a retelling of the legend of Thor. Fans of the stories and the Marvel graphic novels who enjoy slots will be delighted with this particular offering, however, as will those who simply enjoy the potential big wins it offers. The artwork and sound effects are of high quality, and walk the line well between the Thor of the cinema, the original graphic novel hero, and the mystical figure once used by a seafaring nation to explain the capriciousness of the weather in Scandinavia. The animations, videos, and regular wild cards, will no doubt keep you playing and enjoying this one for an Age.