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During the taraweeh prayers in the mosque, there is a short recess after the congregation prays four prostrations. In this recess a learned person gives a short speech about a religious issue, before continuing the next set of prostrations.

Tonight a women paradise spoke about something which made most men and women in the mosque women paradise uncomfortable. Is this guy horny?

Men and women were whispering in disbelief. I'm still shaking my head. aomen

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Why is women paradise we leave important topics and talk about trivial issues that only spread controversy and confusion. The man was of course speaking about hoor-el-ein, the women of Paradise that men are promised.

women paradise It's been mentioned in the Qur'an, promising men women paradise when they die, they woken be rewarded with these beautiful, virgin girls in Paradise.

That's if they've been good boys on earth. No, you're not listening to a porn station, I thought to myself as we listened to the man describe the women; 'From her toes up to her breasts, you'll smell pure fragrances.

Her eyes are wide and large This is supposed chat with hot teen girls be a family show, there are kids in the audience here! But the whole speech was a physical description of the women of Paradise.

In Ramadan. He chose Ramadan to do. People thought the man womfn horny, the way he was going on about it, women paradise way he was describing. No one could interrupt and complain. I honestly don't know how the men are going to women paradise tomorrow, with all the sexual thoughts they'll be having after.

Men ignore the women paradise that scholars have said the women of the world will be more beautiful, by the way. These women of paradise will women paradise her servants, attending to her needs.

Her husband will only see her, from her beauty and women paradise. I believe a good woken why women paradise women of paradise was mentioned in the Qur'an was to perhaps attract men to the idea of religion and the afterlife; to know that there was something better waiting for them after death.

Arab men at the time the Qur'an was revealed had many women paradise to them a woman was something seductive, something to have pleasurable relations. So what could make them forget about their worldly mistresses and obey Women paradise If they perferred to receive their paradise and hoor-el-ein as eternal rewards.

And if I know my dog wkmen only go into his kennel if I put a bone inside, Women paradise going to do. So much emphasis is put on this topic, that important subjects on Islam are left.

I remember a few years ago women seeking casual sex Bluewell West Virginia couple of women paradise preachers told me that the Islamic paradise women paradise like a brothel, because all they heard about it was that it women paradise going to be filled with virgin women and wine.

Sexiest swedish women made me feel sad, because Paradise is not a brothel. They've got it all wrong, surely.

But if you think about it, men like the one women paradise the mosque today give people the chance to say things like that, because of the over-emphasis and obsession on the topic. I believe men have blown up the whole hoor-el-ein issue. I don't think it was supposed to get this big; it's just part of the patriarchal culture where men want to think of women as sex objects, whatever chance they get, twenty-four-seven.

Issues like street children, marital rape, bad manners, cheating and lying; these are the issues mosques need to address. And no, women like me are not jealous or women paradise about the hoor-el-ein paradisd, that's absurd.

Looking Nsa Sex Women paradise

I just think too much focus is spent on the issue which is creating controversy and misleading Muslims women paradise Non-Muslims to believe that Muslim men are over-dosing on the likes of Viagra. Unique Muslimah is a journalist and freelance writer who paradiee raised in the West, of Egyptian origin.

On Unique Muslimah's blog, she analysis cultures, films, books, people women paradise supports Muslim women's rights according to Islam.

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IslamiCity is making such material available in its effort to advance understanding of humanitarian, women paradise, democracy, and social wommen issues.

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Seeking Jannah Paradise.

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